Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you Ky

So my visit in California was beyond amazing and of course all too short of a time to spend with the wonderful Flo and Brian and their little family. I got to tour some nice wineries in Napa (and bring a few souveniers back with me), eat some kickass food (the Rutherford Grill on St. Helena Highway has some awesome, awesome ostrich medallions), survive the cold and windy downtown San Francisco, help Brian beat the last boss on Guitar Hero and giggle as Flo covered her eyes with a piece of paper while we were driving up the road to Mt. Diablo's summit. Bruno was my cuddle buddy again the night before I came back home and I've since been trying to convince Justin we should get a clone of him.

So many memories, great conversations and silly moments will be remembered from this trip. I even got to meet a few of their friends, whom I loved :) My trip home wasn't as eventful as my arrival (although I did get bumped from my original flight to another that left at the same time, just connected through a different city). And of course Justin was waiting patiently at the house with a huge hug when I walked through the door. After we'd said our hello's and "I missed you's", he went to grab his shoes to help carry in my stuff and I said "You totally slept in the middle of the bed the whole time I was gone didn't you?" and he smiled and said "Yes." Silly boy.

Back on the homefront, I've been trying to get back into the groove of work although it's really hard sometimes. I have things that need to be done, but other things that I want to do more. I've started my list of what belongings are going where when I move and last night I drove up to the apartment to start packing some things. My plan is to do this steadily over the next three months that way it won't be all down to the wire the weekend before we go to Vegas. I got most of my closet cleaned out and now have a decent amount of things that will be going to the Mission at home that Mamaw volunteers at every month. It feels good to clean out your closet sometimes.

Justin is also a very happy boy right now because as of last night, Miss Z, his camaro, is back in comission! We took her for a short ride down to the gas station as she was below E, and he drove her to work today. I'm happy that the other woman is back in our lives now and can only imagine the fun that we're going to have with her :)

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