Thursday, May 29, 2008

No Humping!

So yesterday I boarded a plane in Louisville that would eventually, through a connection, lead me to the great San Francisco, where Flo and her Brian would be waiting to whisk me away on a mini vacation that I was so excited for. I have to say that the travel went well (I even saw the guy who played Ethan on Lost at the Louisville Airport) and it was so good to finally get to hug Flo for real instead of over google chat :)

The adventure officially started though when I couldn't find my luggage. I had Brian pick up a bag that i thought was mine (identified by the one broken peg) but when we turned it around, the front was torn all to pieces and I said "No, that's definitely not it." After all the baggage had come through and the carosel stopped, I started getting worried. As we were standing in line at the baggage claims office, I ventured over to the collection of unclaimed luggage to look at the tag on that beat up bag and was completely surprised dto find that it was indeed mine. Not only was the front torn all to hell, the zipper was broken all the way around. Fortunately for me (and the airline) nothing had been lost out of the baggage, including the gift I'd brought for my gracious hosts- some good ol' Ky made Makers Mark Whisky.

A lady that worked there immediately asked if that was my luggage, and then said "Hang on, let me get you a replacement." Out comes this awesome piece of luggage with technology I'd never seen before- wheels that roll sideways :) Flo said that she'd been admiring the smaller version of this particular kind, so I told them they could buy it from me and I'd mail it back to them, lol. I filled out some paperwork, was told I might receive a call in a few days and then we were on our way. Brian and I were starving, so Flo placed an order for pizza with a restaurant called Roundtable Pizza, and I'm telling you it was right up there with La Rosas in NKy and Ohio.

I got to meet the doggles, plus one- Mr. Howie Tucker, a four month old beagle whom Flo and Brian are dogsitting for a few days for a friend. He was my cuddle buddy last night, and a cute one at that. Granted, no one can beat Justin, but Howie will be placed in a close second :) If he'd just stop humping Bruno.