Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Been A While...

It's been a bit since I shared some great cover songs that I came across on the wonderful Youtube. But fear not, I am here to redeem myself.

A few weeks ago, Justin and I attended a Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin concert (the sneaky boy got me tickets for Christmas) and Breaking Benjamin did an awesome rendition of Aerosmith's (one of my all time favorite bands) "Dream On." Tonight while cruising through some new to me music, I found Train performing the same song and was blown away. Pat Monahan has a great, great voice.

Working my Imagination

Last night I got to play in Fort Maxwell for a good bit before a certain little girl had to honor her bedtime (no, not me- although here lately 8pm seems like a good time to snuggle under the covers). I was summoned in by the head honcho herself, and of course remembered to bring the bananas to feed the big and little gorillas that were living inside. Even Uncle Justin got to come in and play for a while (and was successful in convincing Bailey she needed a flashlight), but unfortunately once it was determined that she could not come and go freely out the front door of the fort because he was blocking it, Justin was then asked politely to vacate the premise.

On the way home from a nice night of food and fun with our friends, I was giggling to myself at how Nicole and I sat under that fort for at least an hour playing with Bailey and having girl talk. It was only when Nick announced "Uh, honey it's 8 o'clock" that we really even paid attention to what was going on outside our "walls". Sometimes, a lot of times, it's just the simplest things that relax us the most even when we don't realize it.

Now I want to make a fort with Justin in our living room. Maybe make some s'mores in the microwave to bring in, and of course he'd get to play with his flashlights (it's apparently an obsession I was not aware of until right before Christmas. And Nicole, we're totally getting Bailey one just for her fort). I want to throw up a tent in the backyard this summer and spend the night just talking and snuggling in sleeping bags. We've wanted to go camping the past two summers and just haven't had a chance, so I figure even if we're only 50 feet from the house, it's still a tent and still sleeping under the stars. I want Justin to come home with me one Saturday this summer and us play barefoot in one of the creeks around my house. Watch the minnows as they peck at our ankles and jump when we (okay, I) see the crawdads scurrying away from our feet. I also want to just simply spend more nights sitting on our small front porch with our feet propped up, talking about the day, the future, the funny things we've seen or heard lately. It's those simple things that I miss after a good long while away from home, my country home. The one where when the sun is shining and the weather is warm, I roll down the windows and turn off the radio as soon as I hit the exit ramp because I want to smell the trees, the grass, the hay and I want to hear the sounds that only the country can make.

Hopefully I'll get invited back to Fort Maxwell soon. I promise I'll bring more bananas :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Piece of my Heart

Two years and a month ago today, I was blessed to have this man enter into my life. I would say it was coincidence, that it was an accident, but then again I am a romantic and thus a believer in fate :)
Two years ago today, I was blessed yet again for him to say yes to my silly worded request to date exclusively (yes, it may have included the words 'will', 'you' and 'be my boo bear'- in my defense, it was really an homage to my then roomie Meg and her loving relationship with her still-going-strong boyfriend Michael. Swear!).

Since that first year, we've shared in lots more fun times and laughter, and more recently he's been there for me during the hard times of life's losses. We've remodeled parts of our house, updated our cars (he traded in his truck for a Trailblazer SS that has been so the very awesome since day one), taken our first week-long vacation, endured a few tiffs, recently discovered we were going to be an aunt and uncle again, and are currently supporting one another in an attempt to be healthier us'es (it's a word, I promise).

This boy is the reason for lots of my smiles, lots of my laughter, some of my frustrations (it's only natural right?) and every ounce of my excitement in knowing I'll get to make this annual post of another year together time and time again. Thank you Justin, again, for yet another great year together and the hope for all that is to come for us in the future. Happy Anniversary!

My Winter Wonderland

I've been rockin' this look to work more often this winter than in year's past it seems...
(And let me tell you, those boots are the best $100 I've spent on myself in a good long while!)
Of course, the need for such foot apparel is because of mornings/days/nights that look like this-

And this-

I'm actually kinda excited that we've gotten so much snow so far this winter. It's been far too long since we've had any winter weather of significance (except for ice- I hate ice) and it's safe to say Mother Nature sure has satisfied a lot of wishes for snowfall that stuck around for awhile. Although, on the same note, the snow may have worn out its welcome by this point in the game. I sure know my baby doesn't like it one bit...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Morning Glory I am Not

I have a love/hate relationship with my bed. And with my mornings. I love the fact that my bed is so nice, so warm, so inviting. That the covers keep me at the perfect level of comfort throughout the night (well, aside from those moments I wake up sweating, but I totally blame hot flashes/HVAC for that). And I hate having to leave all that goodness after my alarm clock chimes. Or screams. Or perhaps goes off for the third time because someone keeps hitting the snooze button.

Mornings in general are about the same. I love that I'm alive for another day, thankful for the opportunities that will present themselves because of it. Another day to laugh and love (and fight the any apocalypse that's taking place in my kitchen right now) and make memories and moments. Yet I hate that it's early, and it's cold (outside of my covers) and would rather not have to speak to anyone for a few hours. As with everything, some mornings are worse than others. On those mornings it's pretty easy to send me over the edge with just a simple question. Justin's learned the hard way. Thankfully during the worst of the early mornings (ie, tax season), he's still sound asleep as I sneak out my door and thus is safe. My co-workers however, are not. Although I admittedly try very hard to be cordial before 9am just because it promotes a good work environment :)

As I catch myself sometimes wondering what turn my future children will have in this area, I remember that aside from just not wanting to get out of bed (I mean, who else has noticed that the comfiness of your bed increases, like, ten-fold once it's time to get up), I was never a grump in the mornings when I was young. Nighttime perhaps (and still am), but not the mornings. I'll throw it into the category of "the older I get, the more like my daddy I am" category. And hope that the kids that are but a glimmer in my eye right now will take after their daddy, who has an annoyingly inherent ability to hear his alarm, jump out of bed, and be ready to start the day in oh, about 30 seconds.