Thursday, May 21, 2009

Becoming Part of the Herd

On April 21, 2007, I purchased my first car. My first new car. My first owned only by me car. It was almost exactly a year after graduating college and finding a big girl job. And was a goal that I'd had set to accomplish by that time. A year of saving and about a month of looking bought me a silver 2007 Toyota Rav 4. And she was beautiful.

This past Monday I passed my Rav's keys over to the nice dealer man at the Toyota lot and in exchange was given a set to a 2005 Pontiac GTO. A pretty 2005 Pontiac GTO.

Admittedly, I was a bit emotional. There were several instances of Justin and I standing outside on the lot talking about the trade when I'd have to stop in order to keep myself from shedding a few tears. Because my Rav was a great car. But as much as I loved her, there were other interests at play in my mind.

For a few months now I've been set on finding a vehicle a bit more on the sporty side. Blame it on Justin, blame it on watching Fast and the Furious too much, say what you will. The bottom line was that I wanted something with a little more ass and rumble to it. And Justin happened to find it for me last weekend.

Painted in Impluse Blue Metallic, my new Goat drives and rides beautifully. She's pretty much everything that I was wanting in my toy yet serves well as a daily driver. Although my Rav was nowhere near being old (nor was I anywhere near really needing a new car), I felt that this was the point in life to have a few more liberties with things such as cars as later on in the future practicality would reign supreme. I don't feel that I gave a lot up in trading the Rav (albeit slightly odd to be back on the ground again in a car). And I've definitely garnered several compliments from Justin's car buddies over the choice of machine and color.

Just a few little things over the next little bit to add to her (tinted windows and an exhaust) and she'll be perfect. Oh, and did I mention she's also getting a personalized license plate? I won't spoil the suprise, but it was one of Justin's more creative moments in coming up with the idea :)

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