Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Piece of my Heart

Two years and a month ago today, I was blessed to have this man enter into my life. I would say it was coincidence, that it was an accident, but then again I am a romantic and thus a believer in fate :)
Two years ago today, I was blessed yet again for him to say yes to my silly worded request to date exclusively (yes, it may have included the words 'will', 'you' and 'be my boo bear'- in my defense, it was really an homage to my then roomie Meg and her loving relationship with her still-going-strong boyfriend Michael. Swear!).

Since that first year, we've shared in lots more fun times and laughter, and more recently he's been there for me during the hard times of life's losses. We've remodeled parts of our house, updated our cars (he traded in his truck for a Trailblazer SS that has been so the very awesome since day one), taken our first week-long vacation, endured a few tiffs, recently discovered we were going to be an aunt and uncle again, and are currently supporting one another in an attempt to be healthier us'es (it's a word, I promise).

This boy is the reason for lots of my smiles, lots of my laughter, some of my frustrations (it's only natural right?) and every ounce of my excitement in knowing I'll get to make this annual post of another year together time and time again. Thank you Justin, again, for yet another great year together and the hope for all that is to come for us in the future. Happy Anniversary!


Nicole said...

I think we also need to celebrate that Justin brought you into our lives. Our little group wouldn't be the same without you!!

Brittany said...

I second Nicole's response. You were the missing piece to our puzzle of friends!!

Shana said...

You two are just too sweet! I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot in getting to be friends with you all through him.