Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music of the Week

I've been crushing on a few different songs for the past few weeks, and I happened to run across a few new ones today so I thought I would share.

"Last Name" by Carrie Underwood. I've pretty much liked everything Carrie Underwood since I heard her sing Heart's "Alone" during her stint on American Idol. There were several favorites off her first cd, but this fun song definitely one upped "Before He Cheats" for me. (Another song from Carnival Ride, "I Know You Won't" is also on my list of favs).

"18 Days" by Saving Abel. A new band from Mississppi with their debut album has really made their mark on me. Their single "Addicted" has been playing up the rock stations here at home for a few months now, and being the Youtube addict that I am, I had to see what else they offered. Remiscent of a combination of Hinder and Three Doors Down, the band definitely offers great melodies and some harder drums as well.

"Forever May You Run" by Gavin Rossdale. I actually looked this song up this afternoon after reading about his new cd release in last week's People. There's a live performance from the AOL sessions of him singing this particular song, and as I was a fan of Bush, of course I'm a fan of Gavin's. Of course I"m also a sucker for melancholy songs, so it's all a perfect fit :). (Also check out "The Trouble I'm In" which features Shirley Manson)

"Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert. Miss Miranda can really do no wrong with me as far as her songs are concerned. The first time I heard "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" on an awards show last year, I was immediately on the internet trying to find the song. "Gunpowder" is definitely an anthem for the ladies out there who finally find the courage to say no more when it comes to being mistreated. And although one doesn't have to take it literally in order to get the point, it's still fun to pretend :)

"Better As a Memory" by Kenny Chesney. As previously stated, I am a sucker for melancholy, sappy songs, and Mr. Kenny Chesney does such a good job at providing me those to sing along with. This song came at the appropriate time of the end of mine and Kent's relationship and the last lines say exactly how I felt about the situation ("But one day you're gonna find someone, right away you'll know it's true, that all of your seekin's done it's just a part of the passing through. Right there in that moment you'll finally understand that I was better as your memory...").

"Your Arms Feel Like Home" by Three Doors Down. I've been waiting patiently for a new TDD cd, and I was not disappointed when it happened back in May. I was instantly drawn to this song and felt like the first verse was telling the story of Justin and I. I have to say that it's gone around in my head a few times that with a little editing for time, this song could definitely come into play during my hypothetical wedding :)

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