Sunday, June 29, 2008

The kindness of others

I'll be the first to admit how awesome Justin's parents are. They're laid back, have a great relationship with one another as well with Justin and just genuinely care about others. They went on vacation last week and when they came back, they brought with them a few gifts for Justin and I. I can't speak for Justin, but as for myself I was super excited about what my bag was stuffed with.

A lovely garden stake that I've named Crazy George for some reason that will look adorable in front of the porch with my flowers. A cute little tote bag that included 2 bottles of Virginia cider and roasted peanuts. And then, my two favorites of the batch.
I can't remember if I told Mama Scarberry that my mom collected pigs or if she just thought that this looked cute, but we'll just say that I'm super excited to make these cookies in order to share them with my mom who will love them. I actually don't own any cookie cutters, so this is my first and I don't think that there could have been a cuter or more appropriate innagural one.
And my absolute favorite, a new cookbook. I am a sucker for new recipes and this one not only has some great ones (that don't require a lot of ingredients), but there's also little cleaning and cooking tidbits at the bottom of every page. Justin's mom called the night we got the gifts and apparently asked if I was offended by the cookbook, and Justin laughed and said "No, she's actually sitting here reading it right now." We'll be dining on the first recipe out of the book sometime this week and I haven't even looked at the dessert section yet :) Mama Scarberry was just so incredibly thoughtful with these things, and I appreciate them very much.

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