Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh the celebrations!

In the coming months, I'm going to be getting the chance in sharing in the celebration of so many different things. Celebrating yet another year of life during birthdays, this country's independence, the joining of two people in marriage, the many fun times that were had at Apt 7, half a year of love with Justin and of course the celebration of just pure fun and debauchery in Vegas :)

I feel blessed in the sense that I have a handful of close friends around here, and around the US for that matter, that I can share in their lives, their pain, their laughter. Blessed for the opportunities given to me to share a phone call, an email, dinner or a cross country trip just to be able to give them a real hug for once. I'm also so appreciative of the fact that Justin's friends were so accepting of me from the very beginning. The girls are wonderful (as are the guys) and remind me so much of my own longtime friends that there's never a moment of unease with them. I can only hope that Justin feels the same about mine.

To some it seems odd that a few of the people that know more about me than anyone live on opposite coasts and I've never met them (well, only one now). When you forge friendships through similar situations and emotions like I did with Flo, and over years and years of being pen pals like I did with Kelly, there are bonds there that run deeper than just some superficial "oh, you're my internet pal". Kelly and I lost touch for a few years when she was transitioning into college, but somehow down the road we picked right back up where we left off and I've been with her since she moved to New England and started her worldly travels. Flo and I have been through a few boyfriends, tours of duty, shady situations and lots of funny happenings together. And I'm so glad that I now have pictures of us to put on the wall.

So here's to celebrations of life, love and friendships- three things I could definitely not live without :)

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