Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time of My Life

For the past year, I've felt like life finally fell into place. Between me being happy with myself, happy in my relationships, and happy in my workplace, I knew that it was that point where all my nights of worry about this, that and the other were over. I also knew, however, that my nights of staying up late and hanging with the roomies was going by the wayside as well. And at that point I wasn't aware of just how much I was gonna miss it.

Last Friday I attended a concert here in town with my Meggie, Michael and a few of their friends. Halfway through singing my heart out to Papa Roach, I turned to Meg and said "I miss living in the apartment with you guys." She immediately responded "Me too! I found a 3 bedroom house in Gtown and told Michael that me and him, you and Justin and Dre and Cedric could all live together and it'd be great." It made my heart hurt and be happy at the same time that she too felt my sentiments.

I started staying at Justin's pretty much full time by the end of April of last year. I didn't officially move out of the apartment though until August, which was when our lease was up. Depsite the fact that I wasn't there very often in the end, it was still my apartment and my little family. They didn't call me Mom for nothing. The thoughts of missing the apartment/roommate life didn't really hit me hard until a few weeks ago when I twittered "I think I need to make my bedtime 1030. Go back to my apt days when I was in bed by 10 and back up at 1 asking the roomies to be quiet." Who would have ever thought I'd miss Meg saying "All she needs is a little love!" while I was angrily staring them down. But some of my fondest memories come from the random conversations that happened amongst the three (actually five) of us who lived in that apartment. Even the shadiness we all shared at some point or another, lol. There's just nothing like it in the world.

One day I hope that I live somewhere where my neighbors are my friends, our kids can play together, and we all sit around and laugh about the sordid affairs of yesteryear while grilling hamburgers, watching tv or just hanging out for the hell of it. But for now, I just want the good times to keep a rollin'.

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