Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quarter Century Club

It's been a week today since I turned 25 and it's still a little unbelieveable to me that I've made it to this marker. As I've said before, it feels like I should still be sitting at around 19, enjoying college and everything that comes with it. Yet here I am- 25, playing house with my boyfriend, getting ready to celebrate my 3 year anniversary at work, my 3 year anniversary of not living at home, 7 year anniversary of having graduated high school and 3 years of having graduated college. It just doesn't seem possible.

My 25th year has definitely started out on a good note. My birthday was a busy one here at the office, as it always is. They make up for it by throwing me a big party on the 15th though, so it's all good :) A friend of mine suggested that I either find a new job or a new birthday but I really wouldn't want to leave either one behind. I like being a diamond baby and I can't imagine there'd be too many other small firms like this one that I'd feel as comfortable in.

It is funny to go back and think about the things I had planned to happen around this time in my life though. My vision at 18 was to have been married for a few years at this point and being ready to start a family. More than likely living close to my hometown and in turn, my family. I wasn't set on a specific career at that point though, so I had no idea about what job I would be working. And although all that would have been well and good, I'm perfectly happy with the way things have gone instead. Some odd years with relationships that just weren't what I was looking for in the overall that lead me to Justin. A lucked upon interview with an accounting firm that I'll probably be with for years to come. No marriage in the extreme near future (nor children for that matter), but content to know that it'll come along when the time is right. An hour drive from home, but able to make the trip every other weekend to see the family. A slightly different outcome from what was expected but one that I imagine I am much happier with than what could have been.

So here's to the coming months and what they may bring. Happiness, laughter, philosophical conversations, maybe a few disagreements, good food, good friends/family and love. All the things that make my world go round.

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