Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You're Only as Old as You Feel

So the saying goes anyway. And if that's the case, then throw me some dentures and remind me what my name is, cause this girl is feeling far too old for her years.

I'm drawing ever closer to the quarter-century mark, which really is only about 1/4 of the lifetime I hope I have. And although I'm still in my prime of life (I haven't even had children to wear me down yet), I'm starting to feel the world slow down a little. Okay, maybe the world is actually going faster and I'm slowing down, but whatever the case there are a few things pointed out to me this weekend that I'm just too old to do anymore.

Staying up late multiple nights in a row. Sadly enough, even when younger this wasn't the greatest idea for me. Having never really been a morning person (and what little bit I was ever so quickly fading away with each passing day), getting up when I've had less than the desired 8 hours of shut eye is never good. Granted, in college I could go to bed in the middle of the AM and drag myself to class the next morning (well, my 9 or 10's at least). These days, however, I'm good to have both eyes open by the time I'm walking to the car to drive to work.

Sleeping in the bathroom floor as a side effect of alcohol. Starting around my senior year of college, I found out very quickly that my bed of choice after a night of hanging out with friends was the bathroom floor. Offering it's cool, hard exterior to lay on, I couldn't say no after finally getting what was left of my stomach lining to stay put. Nowadays, I have a few things working against me in the department. The biggest being lack of experience in oh, the past year, lol. When you mix low tolerance with tendency for everything to hit at once, you once again have the perfect recipe for waking up the next morning with towels as blankets and pillows and a possible cramp in your leg from not having stretched it in more than four hours.
But my, do I look back at those days fondly. Plenty of memories to go along with 3am bedtimes and being hit with the bathroom door cause someone didn't know you were asleep in the floor :)

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