Thursday, March 26, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Back in the day, I wrote almost every day in my livejournal. Not that my life was any more exciting then than it is now, it was just a vehicle to pass the time, prevent boredom, procrastinate from homework, vent and share similar life experiences with the few friends that I had met through the site. I then decided to start this blog. And admittedly, I've been very bad about keeping up with it.

Ironically enough, I never intended to share the most personal side of myself on this particular page. Because of situations far, far in the past I've always been a little eh about just putting any and everything out there for people to read. And because of this fact, I never seem to have much in the way of stories to share because most of them I find too near and dear to blurt out to the whole world. Silly of me right?

So let it be known that it's on my list of things to do after tax season to start putting a little effort into sharing the ongoings of life once again. The little things, the funny moments, the pains and disappointments that come along every now and again. Just gotta bear with me though. Cause this office owns my soul until after the 15th :)

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