Monday, February 16, 2009


A year ago today, I asked a wonderful man if he would like to dive into a relationship with me. Okay, I really asked if he'd like to be my "boo bear." But the sentiment was true and heartfelt and after having worked up to it for six weeks, he agreed with a smile. That's the smile I've gotten to wake up to every morning (literally- the boy is a freakin' ray of sunshine in the mornings compared to me) for so many days of the last year, I wouldn't know where to start counting.

The transition from the getting to know you into the getting to love you was seamless. In less than a month, I was completely enamoured and willing to start placing bets that this was the one I'd be with when I was 90 and senile (at least I'd think it was him). Turned out he was feeling much the same and here we are- a year into what will be a lifetime together :)

I told him recently that he completely uncomplicated my life. Although he doesn't quite understand how that's even possible (let alone how big of a deal in my world that is), he knows that means he's special. And damn right he is. I never second guess, hold back, question or ponder the other possibilities with him. He told me the other night I was a bad liar and I said that it was because I was always joking around when I tried, although he had no worries for the real thing cause there was nothing for me to hide from him. So far from what other relationships have been. So many things and feelings that I felt I had to tuck away with others aren't even present now. Ah, the joys of a soulmate.

Here's to the amazing first year we've had together and all the others that are yet to come. I truly am blessed to have met him and become a part of his life. Happy one year sweetheart!


Nicole said...

I'm so happy for you guys!!! And so glad that Justin brought you into our lives as well!

Flo said...

Woo hoo for your first anniversary! Here's to many more, and lots more cute pictures to document the years as they go by <3

Brittany said...

I love you Shana and Justin!! Shana you definitely complete our circle of friends. You're like the cheese to our crazy bowl of macaroni. :)