Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wedding Wonderings

I could tell story after story about how I've dreamed of a gorgeous wedding all my life. And though I have to admit there have been a few people in the past to fill the groom's role in my make believe world, I also have to say in the same breath that I now realize it was more about the actual wedding than what would come after. However, I say with conviction (and pure love) that every moment during my day that I dream of when I'll wear white, it's because of the fact that I want to hurry up and get to that happily ever after with my love :)

With that being said, there are far too many bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, flower options, colors and themes to ponder than there are hours in a day, month or year but I have so much fun finding new treasures between my own stumblings and some well placed links in the emails from Flo :) That billing code that I need for not doing actual work at my job really should be for wedding research.

I like the idea of an outdoor ceremony, late spring or early fall so the wonderful Kentucky humidity doesn't cause any of the guests to pass out or sweat off ten pounds during the vows. I hope that I would be blessed with a very subtle, cool breeze as well as a blue sky. Bridesmaids in flowy dresses with small bouquets. The little flower girls standing pretty in their ribbons. A reception designed around our favorite things and a cake that is to die for. So many intricacies that are going to be perfect for us. I cannot wait :)

Well, I suppose an engagement at some point would be a good first step in the process though, lol.

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