Friday, April 4, 2008

It's a Date Night, Baby!

Although Justin and I spend almost every night together (and by almost I mean I may go to see the girls after work then come back to his house to sleep), I still get excited when we decide to have a date night for just the two of us. Most of our activities revolve around the company of our friends, which is a wonderful thing to me. It's an almost amazing feeling that we do so much with his close friends and mine considering the last chap hardly ever made the effort. Still, knowing that I'm going to have Justin all to myself tonight, sharing longing looks across the table and maybe a bottle of wine later makes my heart happy.

We veered off on every tangent imaginable last night trying to come up with a plan of what to do. We discussed wanted to try something different in the way of food, and since I asked to be taken to a Hibachi place for my birthday, Justin suggested BD's Mongolian Grill. He and the guys from work go there sometimes for lunch and apparently it's very tasty.

I had orginally wanted to something outdoors since the weather has been spring-like temperature wise, but in true spring fashion, it's been raining the past two days. I take credit though in being a good enough Muse that Justin came up with the idea of checking out Comedy Off Broadway, a small comedy club nestled in Lexington Green out by the mall here in Lexington. I've been there once, on the eve of what was the initial decline in mine and Kent's relationship (and it was for Cassie's douchebag of an ex-bf's birthday so of course it was a recipe for disaster). Tonight though, I know will prove to be a much better time from the start. We watched a clip of the comedian that's going to be performing, and he's true to his "good 'ol Southern boy" description. It should be loads of laughs.

The night will wind down with us at the house, probably lazing on the couch or playing Guitar Hero while sharing a bottle of wine. I'll wear my jeans a little longer than I normally do in order to fully get my fill of being cute for the night. I asked him last night what he was wearing and he laughed when he said "I don't think that far ahead" whereas I had just spent part of my work day pondering upon which shirt to wear. I settled on a new retro-ish style shirt I bought a few weeks back and my trusty jeans. It was the reaction to me saying I was going to wear my heels for him that really made my night though: "Well, I think I might really like that." Pictures to come later :)

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