Monday, April 21, 2008

The First Week

My first week of being twenty four went fabulously. Monday, my actual birthday, I was surprised by this lovely bouquet at lunchtime and with an ice cream cake later on that night. Of course Monday and Tuesday both were a bit hectic with last minute tax returns and extensions to help with, but I did a happy dance at 5pm Tuesday evening when I headed out to my car. I picked Justin up at the house and we drove back downtown to meet my coworkers for our annual tax party, which I consider my day late birthday present, complete with an open bar. The food was divine (our whole table ordered tenderloin medallions that came with the best mashed potatoes I've ever eaten and my cheesecake for dessert was simply heaven), the paid entertainment soft in the background and the real entertainment (Carrie's husband Johnathon) hilarious. He's never met a stranger and I think everything that comes out of that man's mouth makes me laugh.

Wednesday night I met up with one of Justin's friends for supper in Georgetown. It'd been a while since I'd given in to half price appetizers at Applebees and she and I both like to eat cheap, so it was the best choice. Her fiance had been out of town for almost two weeks and I wanted to help get her out of the house. We talked about a lot of random things, enjoyed food that was so not healthy for us and parted in time for me to get home to Justin a little early and be lazy with him on our two month anniversary :)

Thursday night, Justin took me out to Hibachi for my birthday dinner just the two of us. The food was wonderful (the chef made a 'volcano' out of rings of onions for us) and of course getting dressed up to go somewhere with the boy is always fun. I'd also gotten my hair cut the day before and was super excited to show off the new do (better pictures to come below)

I took a vacation day on Friday as my birthday gift and to get away from the office I'd spent so much time in the past three months. I got to laze around that morning and play with my new hair style, eat lunch with Justin and then run some errands in the afternoon. We met up with several of the friends around 7 at a quaint little Mexican restaurant in downtown and had kinda meh service, but great food.

After dinner (and Cassie's 44 ounce maragarita), we headed back to Justin's house for some drinks and conversation. The night went well, everyone had a good time and of course the boys broke out Guitar Hero :)

It was all good fun and I'm so thankful for everyone that came out to celebrate! Here's to another year of love, friends and fun!

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