Monday, April 14, 2008

Too Young to Be This Gray

Today marks the beginning of my 24th year of life. I went to bed last night not really thinking about the fact that I would indeed be turning another year older at the strike of 7:04am. But when I woke up with my alarm at 7, I couldn't help but be excited for my day.

Apparently though when I was sorting through careers that interested me, I failed to make the connection that in accounting, I would spend the rest of my pre-retirement days not only working on my birthday, but working late and be surrounded by stress levels through the roof co-workers. The joys of Tax Day.

So far, my day has been a decent one. I've been busy at work, but nothing too stressful. I was surprised at lunchtime of a delivery of a dozen roses from my Justin. They were completely unexpected and so very beautiful and have turned into aroma therapy :) He really shouldn't have, but I won't deny the appreciation and smiles that I have for him for doing so.

The week is goign to be a busy one though. Saturday night kicked the festivities off with a great Hibachi dinner wtih Justin's friends to celebrate the group's April birthdays. Good food, good fun, good company. Tuesday night will be the annual office Tax Party, which offers an enjoyable evening to start winding down from the four months of stress, a free meal that's usually amazing and an open bar. Happy Birthday to me! I consider it my birthday gift from the owners :) Wednesday night I'm meeting Justin's friends Brittany in Georgetown for cheap appetizers at Applebee's. Her fiance is out of town for another week and I want to help get her out of their apartment for one night. Thursday night Justin and I are having our couple birthday dinner for me. And Friday we are gathering with my friends for food and drinks at Justin's house afterwards. Sunday will be birthday dinner at my mamaw's for me, my dad and uncle. There's goign to be so much food in the next seven days- ten pounds will be added to my ever expanding thighs :)

It's odd for me to think that I've already been here for 24 years. It's already been six years since I finished high school, two since I finished college. I've been at my "big girl" job for two years this June, my Rav will be a year old on the 21st. Two years since I completely moved away from home. My how time goes so quickly.

Pictures from the busy week to come- I promise :)

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