Thursday, January 8, 2009

7 Little Secrets

Ah, the dreaded 7 little secrets ( I can't keep Post Secret or All American Rejects "Dirty Little Secret" out of my head). A few may not actually be secrets, but here ya go:

1) I rewrite moments from everyday life into movie scense in my head, complete with background music and all. Sometimes music can make an ordinary moment extraordinary and an extraordinary moment feel just like a dream.

2) At the age of almost 25, I am still a bit iffy about the dark. Or what's in it rather. I can't say that I'm scared of it like I used to be (when I was younger I would carry my clarinet case in my right hand while walking past the barn to the bus stop in case someone were to jump out at me and I needed to hit them), but my overactive imagination definitely causes some anxiety from time to time. And yes, that includes not being able to hang my feet off the side of the bed sometimes.

3) It took me almost 24 years to find the man I would someday marry. Upon meeting though, it only took me six weeks to know :)

4) When people ask me where I live and I say Lexington, I immediately follow it with "but I'm originally from Rockcastle County." Although there is nothing wrong with being a city person, I'm a farm raised country girl who is proud of her accent and upbringing. It's my hope to go back to live in the country one day so my kids can learn to drive on backroads, go four wheeling on weekends and gain an appreciation for a clear summer night's sky full of stars like I got to.

5) I've only just recently broken my first bone, which is really a miracle in itself. I've been terribly accident prone for most of my life and I stopped counting how many sprained ankles and wrists I had once I hit middle school. But of all the things I've done (including popping several ligaments in my left ankle a few years back so badly that my then boyfriend and i were placing bets in the ER as to whether it was broken or not), it took one hammerfist to a tombstone pad in my Krav Maga class to put a fracture in my left hand. The reactions that I get from people when I tell them how it happened is usually funny, cause I"m sure they're looking at me thinking "This little girl is trying to be all badass?" but at least I can feel better whining about it considering I was punching something, lol.

6) I am probably the pickiest consumer of ice cream in the world, lol. I prefer a vanilla based mix, and hate slivers, flakes, chunks or swirls of chocolate anywhere in there. A lot of my favorites though include the chunks, so I eat the ice cream and spit the chocolate back out. Not pretty, but I can't help it. Now this is not to say that I don't like chocolate, I just prefer it to be in the form of chocolate milk, hot chocolate or a candy coating. And definitely not the dark kind.

7) Although it's a little early in the game to be talking children, I hope with all hope that our first time out we get fraternal twins of a boy and a girl. Obviously I'll be happy with whatever the real outcome is, but in my girlish fantansy, the twins are it :) I've got my fingers crossed that with twins on both my maternal grandmother's side (she had twin brothers) and paternal grandfather's side (he had twin brothers) that I've got a good shot at it.

Now to tag a few more people...

Flo (and have Brian do it to, even if it's just for me to read :) )

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