Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All I wanted for Christmas...

was a left handed cast? Wait, I don't remember putting that on my list.

Turns out, although the holidays were wonderful this year (spent some great time with family and it was the first for me and Justin), I got a little surprise. A few weeks ago, I tweaked my hand during my Krav Maga class. I thought that my left pinky knuckle had popped when I hit the pad, but it hurt for me to grasp anything the rest of class. One of my instructors and I thought that it was just bruised muscles or strained ligaments. No big deal.

Two weeks later, I was still unable to put full pressure on that side of my hand. Otherwise I could really do whatever I wanted so long as I didn't turn my hand at a certain angle. I was convinced however that a trip to the doctor was necessary.

I received a call Christmas Eve morning from my dr's office saying that I did indeed have a fractur in my hand and that he wanted a small cast put on it to restrict use and ensure proper healing. I had to laugh a little because of all the bad accidents I've had, it just took one bad hit on the tombstone pad to give me my first broken bone, lol. I ended up with just a partial cast on my left hand that took me from pretty much all use of the hand to having three usable fingers and showering with a plastic bag over it, haha. I told someone that evening that it was cool for the first ten minutes, then it just got annoying. It looks worse than it really is and since I'd already gone two weeks, I only have to wear this for two weeks before doing follow up xrays.

It definitely makes for some fun conversation. I've told several people it was from trying to keep Justin in line, and since my mom's finger was still all wrapped up from her surgery a few weeks ago, we got to have fun with the family Christmas pics.

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Flo said...

LOL I love the photo with your mom! I'm sending you healing karma so you can get back to kickin' butt at krav and showering without a plastic bag on your hand :) Poor thing!