Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update to my Cast

So, yesterday was the magical day that I got my partial cast off. Now, before getting into the details I must clarify that I was under the impression that since I was only wearing it for two weeks that my hand would be good to go after yesterday. Wrong.

Upon pulling my hand from the splint, my fingers were so happy to be able to bend again. But the pain that was there in the beginning was still there, and just as bad. I spent a good five minutes poking around, pushing the pad of my pinky, placing my hand on the seat and putting some pressure on it, only to wince each time. I was a bit confused. When the doctor asked me how I felt and I expressed "basically the same as before" he looked at me and said "Well, it's still broke." All he needed was a "Duh!" after it to make me feel any more stupid. I assume that because the bone isn't displaced and it's in the area that it is that I don't need to wear a splint or cast to allow it to heal. And he also didn't want my hand to get stiff. So I've got 6-8 more weeks before the bone is completely healed. Wonderful.

Although the cast was annoying, I'd rather have it back on at this point. Yesterday being the first day out, I was getting used to doing the little things again with my left hand and found very quickly that even picking a sheet of paper up to flip it over tweaks the hand. And how many times during the day do you just automatically do something with your hands without really thinking about it first? I was so pissed off last night when I got home from work just because nothing had really changed. And I was even more pissed off because I felt like I was being a baby about it when I really wasn't. Such a little thing to make things so complicated. But i guess that's the way life works sometimes.

I'd been going back and forth about what to do concerning my Krav class. I'm no good for partnering cause I can't use that hand (instructions were to not do anything to hit it or have it hit, or put pressure on it) so no holding bags, no drills, no punches and the like with the left hand, no pushups or other warm ups that involve being on my hands. But Justin talked to Curt after class who said that I needed to keep coming and they'd find stuff for me to do. And that he thought I had what was known as a 'boxer's fracture' which is apparently cause because of the force you put on that part of your hand and takes a long time to fully recover from. I was a little less disheartened to hear that, so next week I'll be starting back to class ready to perfect my kicks, knees and elbows, lol.

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