Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Spirits

I'll confess that I love snow. I'm not a lover of the cold or the winter, but I do feel that if I'm made to suffer through those that my reward should be snow. At least it's pretty when it falls (the fluffy, 'romantic' snow is my favorite), it's pretty in the newness of the day and if you have the right toys (alas last night we did not), it can be pretty fun.

I've also come to learn that snow days aren't as fun as an adult as they are when you're still a child. Or teenager. Or some age at which you're attending school of some sort. I still wake up in anticipation of seeing snow on the ground mornings after the possibility has been thrown out there, but really it comes down to just being able to look at it. Not because work is going to be canceled. I mean, technically I can't get to work sometimes in my own car because of things like snow (a story in which I hang my head while telling) but for some reason beyond me it doesn't get me out of still having to find a way there.

And the snowstorm we got Friday night? I was so worried that we weren't going to end up with anything since Lexington seems to be surrounded by a protective bubble when it comes to any winter weather other than ice. But instead, it granted me a beautiful white scene Saturday morning and aside from not getting to head home to see the parents, an otherwise content weekend of being lazy in the house. And really wanting to find a sled.

No really, next time we get snow and if you've got a sled, hit me up. I'll make ya a good deal.

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