Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Own Reality

Although there are only a few shows that I watch religiously, I am a self-admitted addict to reality shows. I think that it all started back in the day with rerun marathons of the earlier seasons of MTV's "The Real World" (which I have to say were probably the better ones), and has just progressed as new writers and producers have went above and beyond trying to outdo one another. The Real World and Road Rules turned into Laguna Beach and The Hills. Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Tila Tequila, The Surreal Life, America's Next Top Model, Miami Ink, Deadliest Catch, So You Think You Can Dance- they've all been on my must see list at some point in time. Reasons behind viewing these reality shows vary from person to person, and from show to show. I watch programs such as So You Think You Can Dance to sit in awe of the contestants talents, their abilities and passion, whereas The Real World and The Hills fills my weekly quote for drama and just pure guilty pleasure. As I watch seven complete strangers fight for three straight months over who can be the bitchiest, the laziest, the most sexual, the most shocking, I remind myself of how normal my life is compared to so many others. How I really do work through my problems in an adult manner and don't have to resort to yelling obscenities until I'm blue in the face to make the other party feel so beneath themselves.

With this said, I think that we (as in Apt 7) need our own reality show :) Three girls, two college graduates with big girl jobs, one graduating in May, living in a three bedroom apartment with 2 boyfriends and occassional male visitors for the non-attached roomie. Plus the various friends of all who wander in and out throughout the week. Granted, we're not entertaining 24/7 but surely to goodness we could provide at least one season of drama and hilarity. We have what I like to call an "open communication" system in the apartment in which every person that lives there knows what's going on with the others, and we talk about it. Bathroom habits, sex lives, family issues, menstrual cycles, whatever. One roomie is the queen of living in awkward moments, another in a familial taboo relationship. I think that we would be popular :)

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Flo said...

I totally agree with your nomination of your apartment as a reality show, because you KNOW I'd be watching it every night. And the "open communication" policy is even better because that's what reality shows are totally like. As if we sit around all day talking about who hooked up with whom. Oh wait...