Monday, October 3, 2011

Life Happens...

Life happens.  Man, does it happen!  The past year has been full of fun, tears, laughter, weddings, babies, parties, birthday parties, impromptu trips and everything else under the sun that you could think of.  And I've been such a slacker about telling you about it all.  My sincerist apologies.  Swear. 

Ah, where to start?  I suppose we'll start with a wedding...but not mine (yet)!  Last September I had the honor to fly west in order to help with last minute things and be a bridesmaid for my MOH Flo's wedding in Napa Valley (and yes, it was just as gorgeous as it sounds).   I met some great new people, took notes on the do's and don'ts for the days leading up to the Big One, and discovered that you could indeed fit a tall driver, a 3 tiered wedding cake, several buckets of roses, a passenger and a groom's cake into a Dodge Charger without performing any Harry Potter magic on the inside (it merely requires the passenger to be short so sitting behind the aforementioned tall driver doesn't cramp their legs and the groom's cake to gingerly ride in the trunk on top of a custom beer pong table).  I also discovered that a hotel bathroom makes an awesome makeshift florist shop- I cranked out 18 centerpieces with at least 25 rose heads each in about 3 hours.  Did I mention that hotel bathroom was in Flo and Brian's room?  Where I spent the night prior on a rollaway bed?  Yeah, they love me that much.  Night before the wedding and bridesmaid Kentucky is cramping the future bride and groom's style.  Eh, they got the rest of their lives together, right?  :)

How much more gorgeous can you get than this as the backdrop?

Up to this point, Flo and I had been exchanging millions (ok, maybe just hundreds) of emails and texts a week tossing around ideas and tweaks and reworks for her wedding.  And in the midst of all that, she still had the time to help bat a few ideas back and forth about my own...

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