Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Feels Like Home

I've been living about an hour north of home for right around 7 years now. Granted, four of those years were college days, so for the summer and extended holidays I packed back up and headed south. Upon graduating though, I made one of the first big decisions in my new "big girl" life and chose to stay in Georgetown in order to get an apartment and start my career in Lex. Two apartments in Gtown and one house in Lex later, I'm still an hour north and always dreaming of a future home with a few acres that will make me feel more in the country.

This past weekend though, after my first overnight stay with my mom and dad since maybe Christmas, I felt a homesickness I haven't felt since probably those first months out on my own. That Saturday morning when I woke up, the day wasn't dreary but it definitely felt more like fall than summer. Overcast and cool, I pulled on my shoes and made my way out to my mamaw and pap's house at the other end of the road to visit for a while and enjoyed the silence and calmness of it all with the windows down. There's nothing more peaceful than a backwoods early morning. The dew lays still on the grass, the trees sway silently in the breeze, everything is still sleepy and only beginning to yawn and stretch its way awake.

After talking for a while, Mamaw and I headed out to the garden to pick some fresh goodies for me to take back home. At first I stayed out, thinking the ground was too wet from the prior day's rain and would muddy my shoes. Then I took a few steps in, only to be told by my Pap that I'd get my shoes dirty and then "put them all over that nice clean car." I laughed and said "Well, that can be remedied now can't it?" and came back to the edge of the grass to take my shoes and socks off and roll up my jean legs. I then spent a bit playing in the garden barefoot while picking beans and tomatoes. It'd been so long since I'd done that. Mamaw started talking about a picture she has of me from when I was younger, standing barefoot in the garden with my hoe, helping with the upkeep. I used to help plant vegetables every summer- I still remember the way corn stains your hands pink.

I want so badly to have all that again one day. To own a home that sits on a piece of land large enough that it pushes the rest of the world away, if only for a mile or two. To be surrounded by trees that I, and my future children, can go exploring in and make up adventures along the way. To have backroad long enough to teach my children how to drive long before they ever hit 16. To be able to head to the backyard and have target practice without having to think twice. To have a small garden to provide homegrown nurishment to my family. Hopefully Justin and I will be able to find a haven such as that, be able to afford it and build our lives on it. That way I can grow old in the same way I grew up.


Flo said...

I absolutely love this entry and I can't wait to visit some day soon. I want to give your mamaw a hug and I don't even know her yet <3

The Royal Family said...

cute little blog. I am glad you stopped by mine and entered the giveaway. Goodluck! I have weekly giveaways p.s. so come back and keep entering!