Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In Rememberance

As the animals that we choose (or that choose us) to be pets often become a part of the family as much as any human, it's only natural to mourn the loss of a cherished friend when their time comes.

Sage was the first dog that lived inside our house since I was just a toddler. After Mom and Dad had to put their Dobermans to rest, there was no real emotional attachment to future pets for my Dad, and it was understandable. It's hard to lose someone that has a large presence in your every day life, whether it be human or pet. But then Sage came along, a little Mountain Cur puppy with gorgeous topaz fur and eyes to match, and stole all our hearts. Although Ginger would be added a few months later, and Storm a little over a year later, Sage was always Daddy's baby boy. He was a hunting dog, a companion, a cuddle buddy and as a lot of pets are, spoiled rotten.

I accidentally lost Sage a few years back while I was home for Christmas. One morning when leaving the house, I didn't get the door completely shut and by the time Dad woke up the door was wide open and Sage had disappeared. Dad spent three days trying to keep himself busy around the house while taking time every few hours to drive around the countryside to see if he could find him. And I felt so guilty for being responsible. Dad had printed fliers to put up in the small country store a few miles from our house in case someone were to see him, and thankfully a lady called not too long after to say that Sage had been sleeping under their car and must have gotten hungry enough to finally climb onto their porch for the food she had left out. And I know that as sad as my dad was in those three days that he thought his buddy was gone, I can't imagine what he must feel right now to know that he's not coming back.

It was pretty short notice with all of this, something that has probably just come to light in the past few months. One of those deals where when you finally realize there's something wrong it's really already too late. I'm just glad that we got the pleasure of spending three and a half loving years with Sage and that he's in a better place. Rest in peace Bubby. We'll miss you.

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