Monday, September 1, 2008

Cause Sometimes You're Just In the Mood

Although Justin would surely protest, I think that this would be an incredibly sweet wedding song.

Sometimes it's just nice to go back through memory lane and revisit the songs you used to love and play over and over and over again in your cd player. I proudly state that I'm the owner of all the *NSync albums, including the Christmas one, and every once in a while still like to go back and listen to them. They were my favorite boy band and I always thought they were the most talented (they always sounded the best singing and dancing at the same time, lol). So in honor of this nostalgia, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with everyone.

My favorite off their Christmas album- love most anything accapella, especially this since you can so plainly hear all the harmonies.

One of my favorites off their second album. Granted, I prefer the music video in getting the crotch shot from Justin rather than this one of Lance, but hey, it's all about showcasing their impecible live singing skills here, lol.

And of course, one of the songs that started it all out

I have to say that I rather enjoy music, and sharing it for that matter. I feel a spinoff coming from this one...

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Nicole said...

OH-MY-GOSH...we were destined to become friends! I was so into NSync in high school. I too had all their albums and my walls were covered in posters. Actually, 4 friends and I tried to get on the Fanatic show MTV used to have. We made life size card board cut outs, dressed them, had face pics of all the guys blown up and put on our "dates" and actually went out to eat with them!!!! Of course, the show was cancelled before we sent our tape in :(